With it 587,000 km2, Madagascar is the fourth-largest island in the world after Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo. Nowadays, known as the Red Island, Madagascar present a diversity of landscapes, unique Fauna and Flora with high rate of endemicity which make the Great island a true nature sanctuary.

Lies just off the east coast of the African mainland, Yet Madagascar’s people have a distinct culture and history. The Malagasy, as the Madagascar’s people are known, has a complex mix of Malyo-polynisian, Arab and African ancestry which result in a cultural and linguistic melting pot. With the Fihavanana concept, that is the key to maintain the harmony of different people on the island, Malagasy people know how to touch their guest with warmth and generosity.

Madagascar has a coastline nearly 5,000 km and present some of the most beautiful beach in the world, with combine luxury and biodiversity. Tropical weather (November to March), summer hot with variable rainfall. April to October, winter (dry and mild season).