Baobab and Lemurs discovery

Day 1 : Tana-in

Pick you up to the international airoport and drive to the hotel.

Day 2 : Tana-Antsirabe

Leaving Tana in the morning to join Antsirabe or the city of « pousse-pousse ». arrived on the place, you will visit the city which famous by its natural thermal water spring, old architecture who dates from colonization period (more remarkable in the avenue of gare station) and handicraft genarally based on zebu horn, semi-precious stone and tin can.

Day 3 : Antsirabe-Miandrivazo

Before leaving Antsirabe, you will go to its big local market in order to observe our market system, local product and all bio aliment (fruit and vegetable) that make the city famous. After the market visit, take the road again to Miandrivazo. On the way, you will have a view of the daily life of local people a long the road.

Day 4 : Miandrivazo- Tsiribihina river

Early in the morning, take a canoë or motor boat for the river trip where we start the adventure time. For this first days on Tsiribihina river, enjoy the beautiful decor of the landscape and wildlife . During this river trip you are in full board . At the end of this journey, you make a stop in the gorge where you camp for the night. At night, you are allowed to observe the beauty of stars and moonlight.(Camping)

Day 5 : Tsiribihina river

Second days on the river trip, explore the gorge where you stop, this place will probably be the first place where you will discover lemurs and join a beautifull waterfall called Nosin’ampela and natural swimming pool in which you can swim and relax. After that you continue the river trip and meet the local people.

Day 6 : Tsiribihina river- Belo sur Tsiribihina – Bekopaka (off road)

Last days on river trip, you discover your first Baobab trees and continue the river trip down to Belo sur Tsiribihina where you take 4WD to go to Bekopaka .

Day 7 : – Bekopaka (off road)

For this days, you must visit the amazing gorge of Manambola river to obseve the vazimba (Malagasy ancestor) tombs and after that visit the small Tsingy .

Day 8 : Bekopaka (off road)

Get ready for big trekking in the big Tsingy a part of Tsingy de bemaraha National Park, which a spiny rock trapered carbonate, karst limestone deposits that formed more than 200 million years ago, this park shetlers different type of birds and some species of lemur like the decken’s sifaka and brown lemur. The park is covered with a deciduous dry forest, most of trees are a drawf trees .

Day 9 : Bekopaka-Morondava (off road)

Leaving bekopaka early in the morning to join Morondava. On the road, you will make a stop in the Baobab avenue to enjoy the moment of the beautiful sunset.

Day 10 : Morondava- Manja (off road)

After your breakfast, get ready for the next destination, Manja. On the road, enjoy the beauty of the landscape decorate with different type of baoabab.

Day 11 : Manja-Morombe-Andavadaoka (off road)

Departure in the morning after breakfast ,  take ferry boat to cross Mangoky river to Bevoay , and drive to Morombe and then to Andavadoaka. Relax at the hotel who is just close to the beach.

Day 12 :Andavadaoka (off road)

This day is a special day for beach activities (snokerling), you are free to relax and take rest.

Day 13 : Andavadaoka-Ifaty (off road)

Leave Andavadaoka in the morning, the road to get to Ifaty is along a beautiful beach.

Day 14 : Ifaty

To start the journey, you firts visit the Reniala spiny forest which the best place to spot different species of birds, endemic turtles and many other reptiles. About the flore, the Baobab is one the tree that makes this park famous. After the visit, you are free till the end of this day.

Day 15 : Ifaty-Toliary

The half of this journey is for beach activities before leaving Ifaty in the afternoon to join the city of Toliary.

Day 16 : Toliary-Isalo

On road of Toliary to Isalo, you stop in the Zombitse National Park ,a birds paradise,but this park is also a place where live some species of reptile like the Gecko, the lemurs like the famous ring-tailed Lemur the Maki are easy to spot on this park. After this visit, you will take the road and pass through Ilakaka the city of saphir (precious stone). Before the transfer the hotel in Isalo, you must first pass to the window of Isalo to wait to the sunset and enjoy this unique moment of beauty.

Day 17 : Isalo

This day is only for the visit of the Isalo National Park that present a sumptious and unique landscape in Madagascar. Take a walk in this jurassic decor and discover the different natural swimming pool and waterfall present in this park.

Day 18 :Isalo-Ambalavao-Ranomafana

Leaving Isalo early and join Ambalavao, where you will visit a local reserve that called « Anja », this reserve is the best place to spot the ring-tailed Lemur, this moment in this area will be full trekking, there are many different view point that blow you aways. After this visit, continue the road until Ranomafana. Now the landscape completle change, to dry forest from rainforest that indicate that you are already enter in east part of Madagascar. arrived in Ranomafana, take your flashilight and get ready for the nightwalk along the road to spot nocturnals animals, that one of the most famous is the Mouse lemur .

Day 19 : Ranomafana-Antsirabe

Before quitting Ranomafana, you have to do a visit in Ranomafana National Park, which a big rainforest that shetler many different species of lemur such as the Golden bamboo lemur and red bellied lemur. This park is also rich about flora, that present differents varieties of Orchidea. After that you leave Ranomafana and take the nigth in Antsirabe.

Day 20 :Antsirabe-Andasibe

Leaving Antsirabe early in the mornig and take the next destination Andasibe which in the East of Antananarivo. On the ways to Andasibe you make a stop in peyrieras reserve where you found most species of reptiles like cameleons, gecko, snack and crocodil, some species of amphibians like frog and bats are also in this reseve . When you arrive in Andasibe, get ready for the nightwalk along the street that is to the Andasibe National Park, you might see cameleons, frog and the mouse lemur.

Day 21 :Andasibe

In the morning, visit in Andasibe National Park where you discover the most biggest lemur called Indri Indri and other species of lemur such as the diadema sifaka. After lunch in afternoon, it is time for you to enter in touch with lemur in the lemurs island of vakona reserve , where can play with them and feed them.

Day 22 : Andasibe-Tana

Back to Tana, go to the handicraft shop for souvenir.

Day 23 :Tana-Out

Transfer to the international airoport, this is the end of the tour

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