21 DAYS TOUR: Baobab and Lemurs discovery

Through the south-west of Madagascar to the middle-east, travel with us and discover the treasures of the big Island. A trip to Madagascar offers a unique experience with the discovery of baobabs and lemurs, showcasing the immensity of the island’s biodiversity and its profound and complex connection to Malagasy culture.

Day 1 : Tana-in


Pick you up at the international airport and drive to the hotel.

Day 2: Tana-Miandrivazo

Flavors and foods of MIANDRIVAZO (food shop)

Explore Antsirabe’s lively local market, renowned for its organic produce, before continuing your journey to Miandrivazo, where you’ll glimpse daily life along Madagascar’s roadsides.

Day 3 : Miandrivazo- Tsiribihina river

Ferry crossing the TSIRIBIHINA RIVER

Embark on an early morning river adventure aboard a canoe or motorboat along the Tsiribihina River, where the journey begins. Over the first few days, delight in the stunning scenery and wildlife while enjoying full board service. As the journey concludes, pause in the gorge for a night of camping under the mesmerizing glow of the stars and moonlight.

Day 4 : Tsiribihina river

Nosin’Ampela waterfall

On the second day of your river journey, explore the picturesque gorge where you’ll encounter lemurs and discover the enchanting Nosin’Ampela waterfall and natural swimming pool for a refreshing swim and relaxation. Afterwards, resume your river voyage, encountering local communities along the way. Visit the renowned tobacco factory in the local village of Begidro.

Day 5 : Tsiribihina river- Belo sur Tsiribihina

BEKOPAKA off-road

During the final days of your river expedition, encounter the iconic Baobab trees along the route before reaching the village of Belo for an overnight stop.

Day 6 :Belo – Bekopaka (off-road)


Early in the morning, you will join Bekopaka by 4WD. Once in place, get ready for the visit the small Tsingy, you will have your first impression of this unique geological wonder.

Day 7 : Bekopaka (off-road)


On this day, lace up your hiking boots for an adventurous trek through the expansive Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. This park features imposing limestone formations, formed over 200 million years ago, and is home to various bird species and lemurs, including the Decken’s sifaka and brown lemur. Traverse the park’s deciduous dry forest and marvel at its unique geological and ecological diversity.

Day 8 : Bekopaka-Morondava (off-road)


Leaving bekopaka early in the morning to join Morondava. On the road, you will make a stop in the Baobab avenue to enjoy the moment of the beautiful sunset.

Day 9: Morondava- Manja (off road)


After your breakfast, get ready for the next destination, Manja. During the journey, enjoy the beauty of the landscape decorate with baobabs.

Day 10 : Manja-Morombe-Andavadaoka (off-road)

Crystalline water, ANDAVADAOKA

Departure in the morning after breakfast, taking a ferry boat to cross Bevoay before driving to Morombe and onward to Andavadoaka. Unwind at a beachfront hotel, indulging in relaxation by the seaside.

Day 11 :Andavadaoka (off-road)

Coral islets, ANDAVADAOKA

This day is a special day for beach activities (snorkeling), you are free to relax and take rest.

Day 12 : Andavadaoka-Ifaty (off-road)

Seaside on the road to IFATY

Leave Andavadaoka in the morning, the road to get to Ifaty is along a beautiful beach.

Day 13 : Ifaty

Relax time, IFATY BEACH

To start the journey, you firts visit the Reniala spiny forest which the best place to spot different species of birds, endemic turtles and many other reptiles. About the flora, the Baobab is one of the tree that makes this park famous. After the visit, you are free till the end of this day.

Day 14 : Ifaty-Isalo

Window of ISALO

On the road of Toliary to Isalo, take the national road and pass through Ilakaka the city of saphir (precious stone). Before the transfer to the hotel in Isalo, the window of Isalo is a must-see, wait to the sunset and enjoy this unique moment of beauty.

Day 15 : Isalo


This day is only for the visit of the Isalo National Park that present a sumptuous and unique landscape in Madagascar. Take a walk in this Jurassic decor and discover the different natural swimming pool and waterfall present in this park.

Day 16 :Isalo-Ambalavao-Ranomafana

Ring-tailed lemurs, ANJA RESERVE

Leaving Isalo early and join Ambalavao, where you will visit a local reserve that called« Anja », this reserve is the best place to spot the ring-tailed Lemur, this moment in this area will be full trekking, there are many view point that blow you away. After this visit, continue the road until Ranomafana. Now the landscape complete change, to dry forest from rainforest that indicate that you are already enter in east part of Madagascar. Arrived in Ranomafana, take your flashlight and get ready for the night walk along the road to spot nocturnal animals, that one of the most famous is the Mouse lemur.

Day 17 : Ranomafana-Antsirabe


Before leaving Ranomafana, you must visit Ranomafana National Park, which is the second-largest rainforest in Madagascar and home to many species of lemurs such as the Golden bamboo lemur and red-bellied lemur. This park is also rich in flora, with various varieties of orchids. After your visit, you’ll depart from Ranomafana and spend the night in Antsirabe.

Day 18 :Antsirabe-Andasibe

Leaving Antsirabe early in the morning and take the next destination Andasibe which in the East of Antananarivo.

Day 19:Andasibe


In the morning, visit in Andasibe National Park where you discover the biggest lemur called Indri and other species of lemur such as the Diadema sifaka. After lunch in afternoon, it is time for you to get even more closer with lemur in the lemur’s island of vakona reserve. After the sunset,get ready for the night walk along the street that is to the Andasibe National Park, you might see chameleons, frog, and the mouse lemur.

Day 20 : Andasibe-Tana

Back to Tana, On the ways to Andasibe you make a stop in peyrieras reserve where you found most species of reptiles like cameleons, gecko, snack and crocodile, some species of amphibians like frog and bats are also in this reserve.

Day 21 :Tana-Out

Transfer to the international airport, this is the end of the tour.

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