Malagasy culture

When most people think about Madagascar, they think about Baobabs, Lemurs and beautiful beaches. But those are not the only aspect that made Madagascar unique. Indeed, the other aspect that made Madagascar unique resides in the culture of its people. Now Madagascar count 18 different tribes who live in harmony on big Island, this harmony is maintained till nowadays because of the old concept of “fihavanana” that spread peace between all tribes despite the differences. Here, “Malagasy” is the official language, but each tribe has its own dialect. Because of the existence of those multiple tribes on the Island, Madagascar presents diversity in terms of culture.

The Malagasy people come from a vast mixture, both human and cultural. This is due to the different origins of the settlement of the island of Madagascar for centuries already. Thus, depending on the region, we see different cultures manifesting themselves. In Antananarivo, the capital of the island, one feels more the French and Asian cultural influence, while in certain coastal areas one feels more the African and Arab influence.

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