In terms of tradition, Because of the Malagasy spiritual belief based on the respect of the “Razana”, which literally means ancestors, who even dead has certain influence over all aspect of life of the living from beyond. Malagasy, in fear to not receive blessing from ancestors according to whatever they entertain, accomplish rituals to honor them. The one most famous Malagasy tradition that express this sense of respect on the ancestor is called “Famadiana”, an exhumation ceremony practiced by Merina and Betsileo tribes in dry season (june-september). The ritual, consists of digging up the bones of the ancestors, ceremoniously wrapping them in fresh tissue “lamba” in Malagasy and walking them dancing around the tomb before burying them again. It’s important to know that Famadiahana is a joyful occasion organized every seven years after first burial for all families of the deceased and villagers around them.

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