The Northern region of Madagascar meticulously preserves the exquisite beauty of its diverse nature and rich cultures, highlighting the extraordinary fauna, flora, and varied landscapes. This unique blend of two distinct regions opens up a novel tourist destination, inviting exploration of cacao plantations, the Ankarana Special Reserve, and Amber Mountain National Park. Throughout your trip to Madagascar, you will be accompanied by a dedicated personal driver-guide, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience in your private vehicle. Our flexibility extends to modifying the itinerary to align with your duration of stay and preferences, ensuring a tailor-made experience for every discerning traveler.

Destination: North

Duration: 10 days

Day 1 :Tana-in

TANA by night

Pick you up in the international airport and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2: Tana-Diego suarez

Islet of volcanic origin, NOSY LONJO

Embark on a morning flight to Diego Suarez, the capital of the northern part of Madagascar and a significant port city. Diego stands out as the ideal gateway to explore the captivating beauty of Madagascar’s beaches, boasting the second-largest bay globally. Upon arrival, don’t miss the must-visit locations known as the Three Bays, comprising the ‘Baie des Dunes,’ ‘Baie des Pigeons,’ and the Sakalava Bay, renowned for their alluring and tranquil beaches. Indulge in beach activities such as kite surfing or sailboarding, adding an adventurous touch to your coastal experience.

Day 3 : Diego Suarez-Amber Mountain

Waterfall, Amber mountain National Park

After exploring the Three Bays of Diego, venture into another facet of the northern region – the upland rainforest of Amber Mountain National Park. This lush rainforest blankets volcanic massifs, providing a sanctuary for diverse bird species, striking reptiles, and notable lemurs, including the crowned lemur and Sanford’s lemur. Immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity and natural wonders of this captivating destination.

Day 4: Amber Mountain- Ankarana


Embark on an early morning journey to the Ankarana Special Reserve. Renowned as the Ankarana Massif, this location showcases breathtaking karst formations known as Tsingy. Explore the reserve to encounter diverse flora and fauna, witness various lemur and bird species, and discover lakes and extensive caves harboring bat colonies. Immerse yourself in the unique wonders of Ankarana as you traverse this spectacularly eroded landscape.

Day 5: Ankarana-Ambanja

Cocoa tree, AMBANJA

For today’s journey, head towards Ambanja, a picturesque fertile valley renowned for producing some of the world’s finest cacao. Along the way, savor the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes, adding a scenic touch to your drive.

Day 6: Ambanja-Ankify-Nosy be

Port of ANKIFY

In the morning, embark on a drive to Ankify port for a boat journey to Nosy Be. Upon reaching the island, transfer to the beachfront hotel for a tranquil retreat. Enjoy the freedom to swim along the pristine shores and embrace the peaceful moments that Nosy Be has to offer.

Day 7: Nosy Be


On the second day on the island, indulge in a delightful breakfast at the hotel before embarking on a boat excursion from a quaint marina to Nosy Komba, also known as Lemur’s Island. Immerse yourself in a hike, observe the daily life of local communities, and spot charming lemurs. Following the Nosy Komba adventure, continue by boat to Nosy Tanikely, where you can dive into the midst of vibrant fish and explore the breathtaking coral. Lunch will be a delightful picnic, adding a touch of outdoor bliss to your day.

Day 8: Nosy Be

Mont passot sunset, NOSY BE

Relax at the hotel and venture to Mont Passot, the highest viewpoint on Nosy Be. Witness the breathtaking sunset from this vantage point, savoring the enchanting beauty of the moment.

Day 9: Nosy Be-Tana (by plane)

NOSY BE aerial view

Transfer to the airport and fly to Tana, when arrived in Tana, transfer to the Hotel.

Day 10: Tana-Out

Flight back home, this is the end of the tour.

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