North’s wonder

The north of Madagascar preserve the beauty of the nature and cultures, particularly the fauna and flora and different landscapes. This combination of two different regions will bring you to the new destination for tourist to visit cacao plantation, national park of Ankarana, national park of Analamerana, national park of Montagne d’Ambre, Tsingy rouge, reserve of Daraina, national park of Marojejy. This tour is always accompanied by your personal driver guide with your private car.
We can modify the circuit according your stay and your choice.

Destination: North

Duration: 10 days

Day 1 :Tana-in

TANA by night

Pick you up in the international airport and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2: Tana-Diego suarez

Islet of volcanic origin, NOSY LONJO

Take a fly in the morning for Diego Suarez capital of northern part of Madagascar and an also important port, Diego is the best place to discover the beauty of Madagascar’s beach with its large bay which is the second-largest bay in the world. Once you arrive there, the places that you must visits are the tree bay that are composed by the “baie des Dunes”, “baie des pigeons” and the sakalava bay that are famous by their attractive and relaxing beach, enjoy the beach activities like the kite surf or the sailboard.

Day 3 : Diego Suarez-Amber Mountain

Waterfall, Amber mountain National Park

After tree bay of Diego, now discover another side of this north part, which the upland rainforest of Amber mountain National Park. This rainforest is spread over volcanic massifs that shelter a wide variety of birds, impressive reptiles and some species of lemurs such as the crowed lemur and Sanford’s lemur.

Day 4: Amber Mountain- Ankarana


Leaving early in the morning, join the Ankarana special reserve. Known as Ankarana massif, this place is spectacularly eroded into a chaos of karts pinnacles called Tsingy. During the visit, you will found diverse flora and fauna, some species of lemur and birds, lakes and extensive cave where you can spot bats.

Day 5: Ankarana-Ambanja

Cocoa tree, AMBANJA

For this day, drive to Ambanja, a beautiful fertile valley where one of the best quality of cacao around the world comes. On the way to this place, enjoy the beauty of the landscapes.

Day 6: Ambanja-Ankify-Nosy be

Port of ANKIFY

In the morning, drive to Ankify port, where you take a boat to Nosy Be. Once you arrive at the island, transfer to the hotel (close to the beach)  and then relax. You are free to swim along the beach and enjoy the peaceful moment.

Day 7: Nosy Be


Second day on the island, after your breakfast in the hotel, take a boat in a small Marina for an excursion to Nosy Komba or the lemur’s island where you will hike, observe the daily life of local people and spot some lemur. After Nosy Komba, take the boat again for Nosy Tanikely, where you will dive in the middle of colorful fish and above the wonderfull coral. About lunch, it will be a picnic lunch.

Day 8: Nosy Be

Mont passot sunset, NOSY BE

Relax at the hotel and visit at Mont passot the highest view point of Nosy be, wait for the sunset and enjoy this fascinating moment.

Day 9: Nosy Be-Tana (by plane)

NOSY BE aerial view

Transfer to the airport and fly to Tana, when arrived in Tana, transfer to the Hotel.

Day 10: Tana-Out

Flight back home, this is the end of the tour.

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